Life 2.0


January 16, 2019

Now and then, I get a request from a subscriber of the Life 2.0 Podcast to have a certain guest or book on the show, but this time the email said "Do a show about compromise" referring of course to the stalemate of "THE WALL" that Mexico er...Americans are being asked to pay for, while 800,000 federal workers, including 41,000 United States Coast Guard are not being paid.

As a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, I am happy to put in my 9 cents.

Compromise of course is defined as "an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions" which was exactly what was to happen back in December, when The White House showed support for a short-term spending measure that did not contain wall money but would have kept the government open until February 8th.

Then, Rush Limbaugh announced that “It’s a textbook example of what the drive-by media calls compromise,” Limbaugh said. “Trump gets nothing, and the Democrats get everything, including control of the House."
Pundit Ann Coulter said " Trump’s White House would become “a joke presidency that scammed the American people” if he didn’t build the wall, adding that “he’ll have no legacy whatsoever.”
There it is my friends...the bottom line. The real reason behind..."THE WALL."
But fear not, I have a solution to all of to listen. Subscriber exclusive.