March 13, 2019

Back at it one more time on the Life 2.0 Podcast with another episode of The Wednesday Rant. So, what's more important? HEADLINE-A bunch of rich Hollywood types pulling strings and writing checks to get their already privileged offspring into colleges they couldn't actually attend because they didn't make the grades? OR LIFELINE-One hundred plus alumni of Carl Schurz High School in Chicago raising money at The Bulldog Bash to help offset the cost of college to kids that we'll never meet, who worked their ass of to be accepted into college? We'll go with Door #2 on this one kids. Also expect an endless stream of rants, raves and reflections along with another "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" episode and music this week (Lincoln Avenue Rag) from the genius of David Stoddard.



February 23, 2019

In a day and age when the headlines are filled people making false claims looking for a payout and payoff, a measured dose of truth is in order. Pulling from the vast Life 2.0 archives, we go back in time to that pivotal year of 2000 (after surviving the Y2K scare) for a conversation I had with the best selling author of "Way of The Peaceful Warrior" and modern day sage, Dan Millman. Incredibly, everything we talked about 19 years ago, with regard to living an extraordinary life, still applies today, perhaps even more so.



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February 20, 2019

Even with a head cold, The Wednesday Rant must go on. Just a reminder/disclaimer that there are a few definitions of the word "Rant."  1) To extensively talk about a given topic longer than needed whether anyone cares or not. 2) To utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion. 3) To speak, write or shout in a loud manner or angry way, often saying confusing or silly things. Might be guilty of three of those definitions this week, however sometimes the best way to make sense of the senseless...is a good rant session. If nothing else, you will be heading to your Encyclopedia Britannica to find the difference between a frog in the throat and a toad in the hole.  

This is what it sounds like when all the sh*t backs up in my central nervous system and cascades down my brain in semi-coherent nodes of thought and rushes out of my mouth portal, while I am DayQuil.
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February 9, 2019

Nate Boyer does more to "earn his Americanism" in one day, than most people I know do in a lifetime. After serving six years and multiple tours for the Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Green Beret, Boyer played college football as a walk on, at the University of Texas, despite never having played a down of organized football in his life. He was signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2015. He made headlines as the veteran who got Colin Kapernick to "take a knee" in a sign of respect for the military, while still maintaining his protest. Nate has since gone on to become part of MVP- Merging Vets and Players-effort. 

It's easy to wave the flag, quite another thing to actually put your life on the line to defend it. Thank you for your service to our country Nate, and your ongoing commitment to reminding us that America isn't made great by policy, but by its people.


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February 6, 2019

I usually reserve "Hump Day" for "The Wednesday Rant" but this week its a Triple W with TWR + "Wednesday Wisdom" + "WTF Wednesday." There are just some things that strike me all at once, then I turn on the Zoom machine and we are off to the podcast races. Last week, I sat in on LIVE RADIO for six hours over a two-day period, something I haven't done since Obama was president. That experience kick started all that follows today, and my big "revelation" on how easy it is to get "knocked off course" when it comes to being connected to..."The Source."

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February 1, 2019

Here's a blast from the past...The time comedian George Lopez and I had 20 minutes to "figure it all out." His comedy while hilarious, comes from some deep pain, and after the interview wrapped-he told me I should become a psychologist. Perhaps, but there no charge for this episode of the Life 2.0 Podcast. #freebiefriday 


January 23, 2019

In August of 2018, Green Bay Packer legend Jerry Kramer, was finally inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, after many years of being ignored, coming up short or snubbed, which made zero sense as he is perhaps the most celebrated offensive lineman in NFL history. That being stated, this FREE Wednesday Wisdom episode has very little to do with football, and almost everything to do with the game we all play, life. In honor of Jerry's 83rd birthday, enjoy this "retro audio" from 2015, and what it takes to overcome the speed-bumps of life.



January 16, 2019

Now and then, I get a request from a subscriber of the Life 2.0 Podcast to have a certain guest or book on the show, but this time the email said "Do a show about compromise" referring of course to the stalemate of "THE WALL" that Mexico er...Americans are being asked to pay for, while 800,000 federal workers, including 41,000 United States Coast Guard are not being paid.

As a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, I am happy to put in my 9 cents.

Compromise of course is defined as "an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions" which was exactly what was to happen back in December, when The White House showed support for a short-term spending measure that did not contain wall money but would have kept the government open until February 8th.

Then, Rush Limbaugh announced that “It’s a textbook example of what the drive-by media calls compromise,” Limbaugh said. “Trump gets nothing, and the Democrats get everything, including control of the House."
Pundit Ann Coulter said " Trump’s White House would become “a joke presidency that scammed the American people” if he didn’t build the wall, adding that “he’ll have no legacy whatsoever.”
There it is my friends...the bottom line. The real reason behind..."THE WALL."
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January 11, 2019

Joe McQuillen visits the grave of his son, Christopher, sometimes five days a week.

The robust Irishman will often pull out a lawn chair, light a cigar and talk with his boy, who crossed over after drowning in the early morning hours of January 3rd, 2016. He was with a group of friends that were celebrating the new year at a lake house in southern Wisconsin, when Chris and three of his friends went out for a smoke. It wasn't until the next morning they were reported as missing. Chris and his friends had all drowned after attempting to put a canoe out on the small lake, in 34 degree water.

I clearly remember seeing that tragic news headline, and as a father, wondering how in the world do you survive that kind of heartbreak?

Three years later, I have my answers. You might find some too.

You can purchase "My Search For Christopher- On The Other Side" at Amazon.com

Music Credits 

"Some Days Are Diamonds" -John Denver/Dick Feller-

"I'll Send You Feathers"-Joe McQuillen/Brad Nye




January 9, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! NINE DAYS LATE! After a brief hiatus, I'm back with a little bit of a review of 2018, a prediction or two about 2019. I also picked up a list of things (along with a case of gout) that every great leader should be doing, from the POTUS to the PTA president- to make the next 356 days a kinder, more gentle trip around the sun for all of us. No I didn't transpose the days...just knocked off nine for you math wizzes.

Its the first Wednesday Rant of 2019...like or not.