Life 2.0


May 15, 2019

Well here we go again, hammering away on Hump Day, my ongoing attempt to dig out the obvious buried in the absurd and find common sense in very uncommon times. "To Tell The Truth" was a popular TV game show, but now its become a tug-of-war, especially in the landfill of unsocial media. Tommy Jefferson pointed out that some truths are "self-evident" but apparently, they still have to be sourced on the internet, and even then they are dismissed. All of that low level activity, has created a new condition that plagues humans, where PTSD now stands for "Present Tense Stress Disorder" because the self- inflicted, ongoing bombardment on our central nervous system, leaves little or no breathing room, as we have become prisoners of our own devices. But there is hope, and its hidden where you would least expect to find it. Intro music this week from David Stoddard and of course, another episode of "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis."