Life 2.0


February 20, 2019

Even with a head cold, The Wednesday Rant must go on. Just a reminder/disclaimer that there are a few definitions of the word "Rant."  1) To extensively talk about a given topic longer than needed whether anyone cares or not. 2) To utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion. 3) To speak, write or shout in a loud manner or angry way, often saying confusing or silly things. Might be guilty of three of those definitions this week, however sometimes the best way to make sense of the a good rant session. If nothing else, you will be heading to your Encyclopedia Britannica to find the difference between a frog in the throat and a toad in the hole.  

This is what it sounds like when all the sh*t backs up in my central nervous system and cascades down my brain in semi-coherent nodes of thought and rushes out of my mouth portal, while I am DayQuil.
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