Life 2.0

The Power of Mindful Choices

October 7, 2019

Dr. Kathleen Hall just might be the most authentic human I've ever known, overcoming severe childhood trauma, to become one of the preeminent stress experts in the world.  She is a pioneer in the Mindful Living movement of the 21st Century and is the founder, CEO, fearless leader & driving inspiration of the Mindful Living Network® and the Stress Institute®. Dr. Hall is an internationally recognized lifestyle expert in stress, work-life balance and Mindful Living, and has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, FOX, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, Money Magazine, Business Week, Huffington Post, ESPN, Parents, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple and Woman’s Day. Dr. Hall is an award-winning author of four books: Mindful Living EverydayUncommon HOPEA Life in Balance and Alter Your Life. 

Its a rousing conversation about keeping the bubble in the middle of the level of life, come what may, no matter what, and the power of making mindful choices.