Life 2.0


October 3, 2018

The image of a 6,000-pound rhino, pounding its way across the tundra, ears back and horn glistening in the sun, kicking up a cloud of dust is the very embodiment of power. Scott Alexander thinks so too, and when he wrote "Rhinoceros Success" twenty-five years ago, he had no idea it would go on to sell over three million copies. He's one of my favorite guests over the years, so when I found a show he did with me on Oprah Radio from 2009, had to put it in the Life 2.0 rotation. Mini-rant precedes the interview, but hey...that's part of the deal. The "Blue Rhino" in the profile pic was made by my son Andy when he was in high school. Hangs in my office as a reminder to "keep charging!"