Life 2.0

On The Road… Again.

February 28, 2020

Disclaimer: This is the shallow end of the pool as it pertains to any serious eye opening, brain jarring, knuckle scraping, break through insights about the human condition-except how quickly a somewhat normal person can go ballistic over a piece of machinery that isn't working as advertised. That being stated, it was a vast, week-long maze of regional jet travel, hanging out with country music star John Berry, eating my way through Nashville, the near demise of my trusty, dusty Dell laptop, and my subsequent return to Chicago. Then it was on to the bustling metropolis of Appleton, Wisconsin wherein I met Jorge, the Yoda of the IT universe, and all was well again in the world...for now. If you have ever wanted to take a hammer or other blunt object to your laptop or PC...this episode is for you.