Life 2.0


March 13, 2019

Back at it one more time on the Life 2.0 Podcast with another episode of The Wednesday Rant. So, what's more important? HEADLINE-A bunch of rich Hollywood types pulling strings and writing checks to get their already privileged offspring into colleges they couldn't actually attend because they didn't make the grades? OR LIFELINE-One hundred plus alumni of Carl Schurz High School in Chicago raising money at The Bulldog Bash to help offset the cost of college to kids that we'll never meet, who worked their ass of to be accepted into college? We'll go with Door #2 on this one kids. Also expect an endless stream of rants, raves and reflections along with another "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" episode and music this week (Lincoln Avenue Rag) from the genius of David Stoddard.