Life 2.0


September 28, 2018
Back in the day when I was doing the five days-a-week, three-hours-a-day radio thing, I would often park the funniest people we could find on Friday. Figured after humans kicked the crap outta each other Monday to Thursday, by the end of the week we just needed to chuckle, chortle, guffaw, cackle and just plain laugh.
So if you need a break from trying to make sense of the senseless, digging for the obvious buried in the absurd, then you need to hear...Harry Caray knocking out "Rappers Delight" or commenting on how Bess Truman is hanging out with Johnny Carson or what Scott Podsednik's name is backwards and how Ben Franklin spends his time in the great beyond.
Tim Evans is the voice of "Harry" and over the years he would float in because we had a special rig built by our engineer that allowed directed access to the late, great baseball announcer and what followed was a free-for-all of fun, which usually left me gasping for air and my belly hurting from laughter.
If laughter is the best medicine, then perhaps a measured dose of the Freebie Friday Podcast will be just what the doctor ordered in these torturous times. As Steve Rizzo explains, laughter doesn't dismiss what is going on, it helps us endure it.
From 2005, uncensored, unscripted and unbelievably funny- Harry Karaoke!
Give your central nervous system a break, click the link to listen to "Freebie Friday" on the Life 2.0 Podcast.