Life 2.0


October 5, 2018

When he was just 18 years old, Brian McCaskey was considered a "failure" by a major college he was applying to. Using that as a "pivot point," he would work his way up the ladder from a "ball boy" for $10 a day to the Vice President of The Chicago Bears. As a grandson of the legendary George Halas, Brian maintains that the work ethic passed down from "Papa Bear" is a large part of his success. A diagnosis of Meniere's Disease would result in severe hearing loss by the age of 50, but he sees that as a "blessing in disguise" that had him focused on his "inner voice" more than ever before. A no-holds barred, behind the scenes conversation about the most historic franchise in the NFL and what it takes to make it all work, on and off the field no matter what quarter of life you are in.