Life 2.0


August 23, 2018
Another bonus episode for subscribers of the Life 2.0 podcast and a chance for the rest of the world to put an ear on content that informs, entertains and inspires, hopefully in some sort of order that makes sense out of the senseless.
Like the deaths of Sadie Alvardo and Mollie Tibbets and that both were killed but one has become a political pawn, the other...nearly forgotten.
Like the fact there is more plastic pollution on the planet than all species combined and will outlive every single thing on earth and while there are climate change deniers, no one yet has looked at the mountains of human generated plastic and said..."Fake News."
And what does Mike & Molly have to do with all of this? All that and more in this fodder filled Friday on Life 2.0-
Its a rollicking 49:59 of verbal gymnastics, some serious internal excavation, a trip up the down escalator and more fun than getting a root canal without a shot of Wild Turkey.  
Music this week from two old friends, Mark Cleveland and John Denver.