Life 2.0

Author’s Proof

October 26, 2019

It's been nine years since I wrote "Every Moment Matters" and thirteen since my first book "Living An Uncommon Life" was released, so why in the world would I go through the maze of publishing a third book? I call it..."The Nudge." I've learned over time that if I don't follow that "inner push" I come down with a serious case of "spiritual constipation" (for lack of a better term.) My latest book is "Pheonmena: Sacred Moments, Messages, Memories & Other Sh*t I Can't Explain" wherein I share many true-life events, the most incredible, humbling and awe inspiring experiences of my life. Like the desk drawer in an empty classroom that revealed hope for a little girl with terminal cancer, the mysterious voice that spoke the name of a man who died tragically over a century ago, the "visits" from a powerful Native American chief and the daughter who reached past the veil of death, to ease the pain of her grieving father, and more phenomena that I absolutely cannot explain.

You can pre-order the book by clicking the title.