Life 2.0


June 15, 2019

1977- Jimmy Carter was elected president, a gallon of gas and carton of eggs cost the same, a new stereo system would set you back $250 bucks, the New York black-out lasted 25 hours (the population of NYC increased significantly nine months later) and it was the year Elvis died. 42 years ago, I graduated from Schurz High School in Chicago, and this past week, I was back there with a cadre of other alumni, celebrating with the 2019 graduates, and awarding scholarships to some of them. I learned a lot hanging out with these kids, not an easy thing to do sometimes, I have shoes older than they are. Another reminder that the world isn't the toilet we are told that it is, and once again, lifelines are far more important than headlines. Toss in an "aha" moment during an episode of The Partridge Family and "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" and we are good to go.