Life 2.0


October 31, 2018

When October 31st rolls around each year I think of two guys. First, my dad who for twenty years turned the basement in our big old Victorian house into a haunted castle, then transformed himself from a banker into "The Count." Secondly, I think of my longtime friend, the late, great original "ghost-hunter" Richard Crowe. RC originated the concept of "ghost tours" back in the early 1970's and was a fixture in the media when it came to all things supernatural and unexplained. I'm remembering both of these guys in this special "Halloween" edition of the Life 2.0 podcast, including the very first interview I had with Richard 20 years ago, on this day in 1998.

That pic of Dracula is Poppa John, and when he passed in 2004 we buried him with his cape, just like Bela Lugosi